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'Parivartan Jiye'
Bhawaniprasad Mishra

anahonee baaton kee
aashaa men jeenaa
kitanaa romaanchakaaree hai

main usee kee aashaa men
jee rahaa hoo(n)
soch rahaa hoo(n)
havaa kee hee naheen
soory kiranon kee gati
meree kavitaa men aaengee
meree vaaNee
un toofaanon ko gaaengee
jo abhee uThe naheen hai

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'Vismrti Kee Laharen'
Bhawaniprasad Mishra

vismRti kee laharen
oo(n)chee uTh rahee hain
iti kee yah taTinee
baaḌh par hai ab

Dhah rahee hain man se ghaTanaae(n)
chhoTee-baDee yaaden aur chehare

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