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Kaavyaalaya is run by Vani Murarka, Vinod Tewary, and Nupur Ashok.

Vani Murarka is software professional with just a peripheral knowledge of Hindi.
Vinod Tewary is a physicist with pretensions of being a poet or vice versa.
Nupur Ashok has done MA and PhD in Hindi Literature. She writes, draws, and is ever interested in acquiring new expertise.

Kaavyaalaya is our personal collection of Hindi poems that we like to share with the world. It is essentially an expression of our love for Hindi poetry.

We invite your comments and suggestions for the site. You are also welcome to make your suggestions of your favorite poems for possible posting on Kaavyaalaya. Please use the contact us link in the menu.


Kaavyaalaya was started in 1997 at that time when the internet had just started becoming publicly available in India. Elsewhere in the world too, the public adoption of the internet beyond educational institutions was still quite nascent.

Kaavyaalaya was the first Hindi poetry collection website on the internet and the first to present Hindi text in the Devnagari script online. It emerged as a self training exercise in web development by Vani Murarka as a part of her software consultancy work.

Vinod Tewary became a part of the Kaavyaalaya team in June 2001. With his added hands, brains and heart, Kaavyaalaya took on more concrete shape.
Poems are organized into sections for classical, established contemporary and emerging contemporary poetry. Poetry of other languages translated into Hindi are also available. Kaavyaalaya is extremely selective about adding poems to its collection.

Today, some of the key innovative offerings of Kaavyaalaya are Pratidhwani and Kaavya-Lekh. Pratidhwani is a collection of poems in audio started in 2012, specially keeping in those who know Hindi but cannot read it. It also enables a person to enjoy listening to beautiful Hindi poetry on the go on mobile devices.

Kaavya-Lekh presents articles and essays on the craft of poetry and other matters related to this art form, there-by bringing back knowledge that had become largely unavailable to the general public.

The software Geet Gatiroop that enables poets to refine the structure of their poem was also born out of Kaavyaalaya.

On 17 April 2020, our first book offering was published, Vinod Tewary's poem collection 'Samarpit Satya Samarpit Swapna'.

On 17 August 2020, Kaavyaalaya was formalized as a public charitable trust, 'Kaavyaalaya Trust'.

In 2021 Nupur Ashok became a part of the Kaavyaalaya editorial team.

Ever since its inception Kaavyaalaya has been a highly acclaimed site. It has received appreciation and very warm and enthusiastic response from Hindi lovers all over the world. The entire credit for the success of Kaavyaalaya goes to the poets and their wonderful creations, that grace our Kaavyaalaya.

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