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Nupur Ashok
Nupur Ashok's poems on Kaavyaalaya
Gend Aur Sooraj
Chaay 1
Chaay 2
Chaay 3
Chaay 4
Chaay 5
Chaay 6
Chaay 7

Nupur Ashok's recitations of other poets' poems
Abhisaar - Rabindranath Tagore
Kuchh Naheen Chaahaa - Rajni Bhargava

Poems translated by Nupur Ashok
Basant Aur Patjhad - Mary Oliver
Nupur is MA, PhD in Hindi Literature. Her poems, satire, and articles have been published in many magazines. Her first innings of published writing was between 1985 and 1993. After this, the second innings began after 2017. One poetry collection “Mere Man Kaa Shahar” and one satire collection “Pachhattar Ki Bhindi” have been published.

She was program presenter (radio jockey) in Aakaash Vani for many years. From 2004 she developed a new expertise as a soft skill trainer. She also enjoys drawing and her works have been displayed in the art gallery. She has designed book covers and illustrations for publications.

She got the opportunity to live in many cities, such as, Bodh Gaya, Ranchi and Kolkata.

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