काव्यालय Kaavyaalaya: The House of Hindi Poetry
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चीख - 'पारुल पंखुरी'
रात हो जाती है जब, घनी स्याह
तूफ़ान समुन्दर में उठते हैं अथाह
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Poems are presented in the following broad sections:
Classic poetry of pre-20th century
Contemporary poetry from beginning 20th century
Gems from new and budding poets
A bridge to poetry from other languages
A selection of poetic pearls
Poems as audio recitations:
Essays and articles on Hindi Poetry:
About Kaavyaalaya
The word kaavyaalay is made by joining two Hindi words.
Kaavya(Poetry) + aalaya(House)
and hence meaning
"The House of Poetry".