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Sumitranandan Pant
Sumitranandan Pant's poems on Kaavyaalaya
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Poet Sumitranandan Pant, a recipient of Padma Bhushan, Jnanpith Award and Sahitya Akademi Award, was one of the four major pillars of the Chhayavadi (romantic) era of Hindi poetry. Born on 20 May 1900 in Kausani, Uttarakhand, Sumitranandan ji was in love with nature since childhood. Between 1907 and 1918, a collection of his early works based on nature, 'Veena', was published in 1927. Prior to this, his collection 'Uchchhavas' was published in 1922 and 'Pallav' in 1926. After this many other collections got published, like - Chidambara, Pallava, Gunjan, Kala and Boodha Chand etc. He also received Nehru Peace Prize by Soviet Union for 'Lokayatan'. The childhood home of this personality, who left this world on 28 December 1977, is now protected as a museum and is a center of attraction for literature lovers and tourists. (Info Credit -

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