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Jaya Prasad
Jaya Prasad's poems on Kaavyaalaya
Aghat Ghat-tee Jaa Rahee Hai
Aath Varsh
Os Jitnee Namee

An engineer by profession, I am currently working on my PhD in Industrial Artificial Intelligence for the maintenance of Railways at LTU, Sweden. Literature, both Hindi and English, come to me through text books in school and novels read in leisure. Having studied in a convent, English comes naturally to me in a formal conversation. However, when I write poetry, I am a different person. It has nothing to do with my education and my experiences in life. My poetry is only what I feel, maybe for a fraction of a second, but it is so profound that it encompasses my entire existence. Some days when I read my poems later, I feel I don’t even know the writer and on another days I am her. I don’t know if my poems make sense, or are in meter, or are true and real. It’s just that if I don’t write when I have to, I will possibly not come out of that time ever!

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