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Kanupriya Mohanti

Kanupriya Mohanti's recitations of other poets' poems
Kanupriya (Ansh 1) - Aamra Baur Kaa Geet - Dharmveer Bharati
In this quantum universe, Kanupriya is a poet at heart and a software engineer by profession; in an alternate reality, she might be working as a journalist or a space explorer. In the miniscule amounts of time that Kanupriya is not working at her full-time job, or spending time with her husband, three kids and two dogs, she likes reading, and especially enjoys science fiction. She used to write and recite poetry as a child, but now gets her writing satisfaction from being a volunteer editor and article contributor to her technical newsletter at work. She marvels at nature, and at the power of the written word. According to Kanupriya, two things that could solve all the problems in the world would be education and compassion.

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