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Hemant Devlekar
Hemant Devlekar's poems on Kaavyaalaya
Har Ghar Ek Prithvee

Born in 1972 in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, Hemant Devlekar is active in acting, music, playwriting, theater and training along with poetry. He also conducts writing and music workshops.

Many plays written by him have been appreciated. His poems have been published and appreciated in almost all the newspapers, magazines and blogs of the country. His two poetry collections ‘Hamaari Umra Kaa Kapaas’ (Raadhaakrishna Prakaashan) and ‘Gul Makai’ (Bodhi Prakaashan) have been published. Hemant Devlekar, recipient of Vagishwari Sammaan and Shashin Sammaan, is currently active in Vihaan Drama Works, Bhopal.

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