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Ashok Chakradhar
Ashok Chakradhar's poems on Kaavyaalaya
Koyal Kaa Sitar

Padmashree, Haasya Ratna, Saahitya Shiromani, Hindi Ratna, Vidyaabhooshan, Delhi Ratna - these, and many more honors have been conferred upon him.

He is one of the stalwarts of humourous satire and oral poetry. A prolific poet, playwright, translator, he has written for children and adults alike. Ashok Chakradhar has also written, directed and acted in telefilms, documentaries, serials -- and has made significant contributions for the adoption of Hindi in computers.

Ashok Chakradhar was born in Khurja, Uttar Pradesh. His father Pt. Radheshyam 'Pragalbh' was a teacher, poet, writer for children, and editor. From childhood he received literary guidance from his father. In 1962, when he was 11 years old, he recited the first poem of his stage career in a kavisammelan organized by his father and chaired by Sohanlal Dwivedi.

He obtained a post-graduate degree in 1972 from Agra University and did M. Lit. from Delhi University. From 1975 to 2008 he was a professor in the Hindi and Journalism departments of Jamia Milia Islamia. After voluntary retirement he focuses on the propagation and development of the Hindi. In 2007 he became the Hindi coordinator at the Institute of Life Long Learning (ILLL) at the University of Delhi and in 2009 was appointed as the Vice Chairman of Hindi Academy, Gov. of Delhi and as the Vice Chairman of the Kendriya Hindi Shikshan Mandal, Ministry of HRD, Gov. of India.

His mini articles titled "Chau Re Champu" are very entertaining to read wherein he regularly shares his experiences, encounters and thoughts.

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