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Suryakumari Maaheshwari
Suryakumari Maaheshwari's poems on Kaavyaalaya
Gaa Rahee Main Geet Mein Toofaan


Born and brought up in Ajmer. Her lawyer father saw her as a son. After studying till class 10, she was married -- but the marriage did not last long. After returning to her parent's home she studied further. She did double M.A. in Hindi and the History of Hindi. Being interested in teaching she did her M.Ed. and was a teacher in Nasirabad. She also taught in Banasthali for some years and was a teacher in Demonstration Multipurpose School Ajmer in the last years of her teaching life. She contributed substantially to the NCERT Hindi syllabus and study material.

Her writings remain in the form of heritage with her daughter-in-law Shardula Nogaja who can be contacted here: [email protected]

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