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Shardula Jha Nogaja
Shardula Jha Nogaja's poems on Kaavyaalaya
Ek Geet Kyaa Meraa Hogaa
Chhaape Maa Tere Haathon Ke

Shardula NagojA was born in Bankatta village of Bihar. She spent 25 years of her life in Kota, Rajasthan. She did engineering for graduation from Kota followed by post graduation in Computational Engineering from Germany. Currently she lives in Singapore where she works as a oil, gas and energy expert.

Shardula's poems have been published in Kavita Kosh, Anubhooti, Garbhanal and other periodicals and anthologies. She is well known in the Hindi Kavita circles of the Indian diaspora. She is an active member and adviser of Singapore Hindi Foundation. In 2015 she was awarded 'Hindi Prerana' for her poetry writing in Singapore.

Shardula considers Rakesh Khandelwal to be her guru in poetry writing, albeit their styles are very different. She has been reading and writing poetry since childhood. Outside of her educational institutions she was first published by Anubhuti. Joining e-kavita in 2008 gave a fresh impetus to her writing.

Nowadays she organizes kavi sammelans and mushairas for Singapore Hindi Foundation and posts her writings on Facebook. She can be read on Facebook and Kavita Kosh.

email: [email protected]

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