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Anshika Sinha
May 19, 2001

i am a die hard DINKAR fan. was on search of a website for his poems and came across urs. great work. its a real good idea to present hindi poems as images. i was real impressed. i would like get the information about the changes or addition to ur website. once again congratulations for such a great site. high time we start spreading the "hindi" touch. anshika
Kapil Sinha (Kanpur)
April 27, 2001

Thanks a lot .. thanks a lot .. just this is all I can say again and again .. I used to love hindi poetry when I was in 10th standard and after that just lost touch with it. The first time I used net here at IIT I searched for hindi Poettry and it was a pleasant surprise to find this site. I visit this site regularly though it is not updated quickly but again and again I come back to take a look at Bachchan's pratiksha ..thats my favourite .. thanks once again.
March 29, 2001



I would like to thank you for doing such agreat job for the lovers of
hindi poems.

I think this is the way by which people can keep in touch with
literature very easily and also conveniently.

thanks once again,
Deoraj Alok (Calcutta)
Feb 27, 1999

I enjoy very much reading the Hindi poetries.This is a wonderful experience,
reciting poetries of our famous Hindi poets. I commend you very much for maintaining this site.
Dr. Anil Aggrawal (New Delhi)
Oct 28, 1998

Very interesting indeed. Can you advise me too for making Hindi Pages?

Please visit
my hindi site and advise where I am wrong. Interestingly I also have a

Hindi Page and on Geocities itself. Please visit it and advise.I am only a


By the way, is there a way, visitors can leave comments in Hindi too?

M. S. Sampath (Bangalore)
Sept 25, 1998

Very nice to see your website.

I have some of my poems. Can you read it and send your comments.

Bandana Das (Canada)
Sept 9, 1998


You did an excellent job to bring great lyrics on the Internet.

Please accept my thanks from the bottom of my heart, and keep on going.

Sujatha. S. (Bangalore)
Sept 3, 1998

Hello Vani,

This site is wonderful. Thanks for giving me a chance to glance thru and enjoy

those poems. I appreciate ur efforts behind this. I loved these:

Aak ke Bichude Na Jaane kab Milenge

Raat Mujhse yun kahne laga gagan ka chand

Ek bhi aansu na kar bekaar

Thukra do ya pyar karo

Is nadi ki dhar mein thandi hawa to aati hai


Terry Clitheroe (Australia)
June 30, 1998

Would like to include in my site information on Indian Poetry and Poetic Form.

HomePage = http://woods.bianca.com/shacklet/the_biki

Vinay Rao (UK)
June 4, 1998

Some of the poems (without the "image" option) come up as garbage on the

screen. They are neither ascii nor devnagari.

Ashok Garg (San Diego, California, USA)
June 12, 1998

I am grandson of late Shri Kaka Hathrasi. It will be nice if you can post

someinformation on him and his poems on your site. If you need some help,

write to me at - akgarg@juno.com

A Sharma
Apr 9, 1998

Vani Murarka ji: Namaskar.

I very much appreciate your efforts to spread the Hindi Poetry through internet. You are doing a wonderful job. It helps we people here in US a lot to keep in touch with our language and culture. Do let me know if I can help you in any way in this effort.



B. Kumar (Vancouver, Canada)
Mar 24, 1998

I enjoyed all poems on your page. I would love to see more poems from

Jai Shankar Prasad and Sumitra Nandan Pant - two of my favourite

poets. Reading these poems brought back very pleasant memories of

childhood when we were taught these poems in school.

Thanks for excellent job...


- Brijesh

(Can you please put all poems in image.)

Ranjan Kumar (Tokyo)
Feb 23, 1998

Wonderful to see this collection. Please let me know if there is some way this can be made more comprehensive resource of Hindi Literature.
Brajinder Dhillon (Canada)
Feb 18, 1998

It's a good page, but I could't read your phonetic system. Can you make it a little easier?



Padmesh Gupta (London)
Feb 9, 1998

I am really impressed by the effort you are making in the field of Indian Literature and Poetry.

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